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“She is a Peach”
This is used as a word of praise given to a beautiful, and healthy woman in the Western countries.
Peach is a sweet and delicious fruit with pleasant scent, which has been adored in the world.
It is said that Peach has great effects on beauty and health as well as on fulfillment in love and wording off evil.

Peach has great effects on beauty and health

Japanese peach is very fresh and delicious, containing ingredients making women beautiful.
The main ingredient of Peach is cane sugar and various organic acids such as citric and malic acid. It also contains potassium, several vitamins including B1, B2, C, and E, niacin, and pectin.

Beauty Effects

Beauty skin effect

Vitamin C in Peach fruit balances the skin and prevents skin aging. Peach seed extract has emollient effect smoothing the skin. Peach juice promotes skin metabolism and calms and moisturizes the skin.
Also, Peach leaves extract contains tannin, phenol, amino acid, and flavonoid having moisturizing, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial effects.
These replenish moisture and fixes up skin texture.

Moisturizing effect

“Moisturizing” is indispensable for “Whitening “. The well moisturized skin promotes the barrier function of the skin to block ultraviolet rays. The moist skin boosts turnover of the skin and prevents. pigmentation of melanin generating spots and dullness, improving permeability of active ingredients.

Healthy Effects

Eliminate swelling

Peach has highest potassium content that is 1.5 times as much as the one in a watermelon. The combination of potassium and Peach’s odorant called “coumarin” is expected to eliminate swelling by removing surplus water and internal waste products out of a body.

Prevent hypertension

The potassium lowers the blood pressure, so prevention of hypertension is expected.

Eliminate constipation

100g Peach contains 1.3g of vegetable fiber that is greater than the one in banana. 0.6g out of its 1.3g of vegetable fiber is water-soluble such as pectin and expected to eliminate constipation and improve the enteral environment.

Relieve fatigue

Peach contains full of citric and malic acids and is expected to relieve fatigue.

Diet effect

Peach is a sweet fruit but has low calorie of 40kcal per 100g, which is almost same level as orange and grape fruit. Also, the content called inositol in Peach is expected to lower cholesterol and prevent fat accumulation by improving fat metabolism, bringing diet effect.

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